Price Guide

I hope you are convinced that hiring me as your Coach is going to be a great investment for your future! I know my clients would agree with that but now I’m sure you’re wondering how much this is going to cost.

Let me first ask you – what is coaching WORTH to you? How much time, effort, and money have you already invested in pursuing but never quite achieving your goals? How many times have you joined a gym or a weight loss program only to abandon your efforts after a few weeks? What would it be like to invest in yourself in a way that greatly enhances your ability to achieve your dreams?

In order to provide the deepest experience possible and maximize success, I encourage all of my clients to make a commitment of at least 10 sessions (3-4 months) to ensure they are getting the full benefit of the experience. Change takes time and, while most clients begin to feel differently after just 3 sessions, those who stick with the process longer have the best and most lasting success. Because of that, I offer a 10 session package for the low price of $1600!

For $1600 you receive a free consultation followed by 10 individual coaching sessions of 45 minutes in duration. You receive a variety of self study tools and book recommendations to enhance your personal learning and growth. You receive unlimited email support directly from me and, at the end of your 10 sessions, the opportunity to continue on at the low individual session price of $160.00!

Don’t think you want to commit to 10 sessions? My per session rate is $225. If you begin coaching at the individual session rate and wish to convert later to a 10 session package, that’s just fine with me – I’ll make the necessary adjustments! Contact me right NOW to begin the discussion about how working with me is going to get you where you need to go!

Alternative pricing:

Is $1600 still too much for you to spend at this time? Consider Group Coaching as an alternative!

With Group Coaching,  you receive the benefits of Personal Coaching along with a built in support system of other group members to help you make the changes you desire. Contact me today to discuss group coaching and to learn more about how it can help you change your life. A Group Coaching package is amazing value at $349. You show me where else you can find a coaching OFFER like that!

SO – the choice is YOURS! What are you waiting for? Contact me TODAY to enquire about Personal or Group Coaching and let’s get going!

IMPORTANT Offer Details:

  • All potential clients are subject to final acceptance by the Coach. This assessment will be made during the free consultation call.
  • Cancellation at least one week prior to the start of Group Coaching will be subject to a $150 handling fee. Cancellation of the Personal Coaching prior to the first session will be subject to a $100 handling fee.