What is Personal Life Coaching?

Personal or Life coaching is a collaborative relationship between you and your Coach that helps you identify your goals and take action(s) to reach them. Through coaching, you develop new skills, take risks, gain insights and clarity all while moving forward with support and encouragement!

How do I choose a Coach?

Making change to your life is a deeply personal event. First look for a coach whose experience and education match your goals. Then, take advantage of their free introduction session to see if you feel a personal rapport with the Coach. Contact me today for a free, no risk session to talk about your coaching needs.

Be careful! Coaching is unregulated and anyone anywhere can call themselves a Coach ~ look for someone who has done the work to become credentialed by an independent body such as the International Coach Federation whose high standards ensure your Coach is well prepared to serve you.

What should I expect from my Coach?

Coaching is about YOU and YOUR goals. When working with me, the conversation will be all about you and where you are going. I will listen to what you are saying, ask you powerful questions to help you understand your situation better and encourage you to continue to move forward through changes in perspective and personal action. I will help you hold yourself accountable for the actions you decide to take and offer unconditional support and encouragement along the way. You should expect to feel deeply connected to and supported by me!

How long will I need my Coach?

This really depends on you and your goals! Some goals can be met fairly quickly while others take many sessions to get you on the right track and keep you there. Many Coaches require a 3 month or 10 session commitment to start and offer incentives, like I do, for longer term commitments.

How much will it cost?

Coaching costs vary from region to region and Coach to Coach but, in Canada, most coaching by qualified practitioners starts at $100/session. I offer a variety of coaching packages that are value priced and am amenable to negotiation.

Remember – there is a cost but the real question must be “What is it WORTH to you to move forward in your life?”

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