Double Nickels

double nickels
Remember the CB Radio craze of the ’70’s? You know –  “10-4 good buddy”, “we’ve got ourselves a convoy”, and the speed limit – “double nickels”?

I guess because I am rapidly approaching my 55th birthday, I am thinking about those crazy ’70’s and that phrase “double nickels” is stuck in my head! At least something is still in there!

Back in the ’70’s I’m pretty sure I thought things would be quite different for me if I managed to live to the ripe old age of 55. I figured I would have Continue reading

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The Facebook Diet – managing a time suck

Happy New Year 2015! It’s the time many people start a traditional diet! I’ve decided to put myself on another kind of diet this month by no facebookreducing the amount of time I spend wandering the pages of Facebook.

One day it struck me that sometimes I was on Facebook when there were other things more pressing to accomplish – avoidance? Procrastination? Regardless, it was a revelation.  And then I realized that there were things I really wanted to do but I wasn’t getting to them because , when I had a free 30-45 minutes, I was spending a lot of that time on Facebook. Continue reading

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