Ancient Connections


It’s both selfish and illegal to remove fossils from their natural areas and I didn’t have a camera so thank you to the Martin family for this photo from their collection.

Recently, I was sitting on a shale beach and picked up a piece of the shale that was making my chair a little wonky. As I went to move it aside, it fell open in my hand. There within this tiny sliver of rock lay 3 wee fossils – two trilobite and a small plant like fossil lay exposed for the first time in about 450 million years.

I’ve seen fossils before – Rockpoint Provincial Park has spectacular fossils exposed on a limestone shelf stretching o ut into the lake and I visit once a year to see if I can find my favorites. But this was different. When that piece of shale opened and revealed one of mother earth’s hidden gems, I perceived a wee shiver of energy zinging up my arm and through my veins. These wee creatures died in a massive mud slide more than 450 Million years ago and I, by some small chance, was their first exposure to the modern world. I half expected them to wiggle and sigh with relief of being released from their cast. I have no idea if the two trilobites even knew each other existed before their sudden, unexpected demise. Were they heading to the plantlike thing to investigate? Or eat it? Would there have been some kind of trilobattle?

I sat with my musings for a minute and felt deeply connected to the whole history of the world in that instant. The energy released by the opening of the rock will be used by me and sent back out into the world. Some other creature will pick up on it, use it, release it – and on it goes – past me, through me, after me.

How are we using our universal source of energy and in what kind of shape are we releasing it back into the world? It’s worth musing about.

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